13 Aug 2013

This is not the end...

Sorry for the lack of updates people, had to deliver a massive project that took up most of my free time and family life had to take first place. I hope to big back to normal post middle of September once holidays and the kids are back at school... In the meantime I am updating http://tadd31.tumblr.com/ regularly...

See you soon
3 Apr 2013

Perrier: Secret Place

Whoaaa, just whoo the immersion is impressive even if we are in the presence of a choose your own adventure type of scenario. Simple to use and amazing production value. Maybe there are so many choices that people might give up but then again this is the role of Facebook as the official page will help people get to the end throughout the next few weeks.


22 Mar 2013


"Like to activate Eggdar", what a way to get more people to be connected to your brand....

I don't know the tech behind this site but some postcodes are full of eggs and other are empty.

Still it's over in 5 minutes max, it's relevant to Easters and it's a nice use of Street View (even if not the most original one) but am disappointed this end up being a data collection exercise as you have to fill in your name and email to receive the voucher.


13 Mar 2013

Three: The Pony Mixer

The impressive part about this campaign is that it works on all platforms, the least impressive part is that it's hardly a mixer as such but more a selection process that let you view pre-rendered clips.

Nevertheless it seems that the internet is loving this campaign with a decent amount of Tweets about it.


12 Mar 2013

Pringles: Fan Vs. Flavour

The problem I have with this type of campaign is that everything is pre-recorded, there isn't a real choice for the audience, a sense of suspense. It's packaged content that will make the fans happy and the rest of the audience indifferent to the brand. It's not even interactive on Youtube 8(

This is a really poor user experience and the views reflect that, only 200,000 views in 4 days and 7 comments that's with 2 weeks of hype and trailer. Considering that they have 22 million fans, that's pretty poor or maybe they haven't paid Facebook to push their message to all their fans.

28 Feb 2013


Proving that you can use existing services for a powerful campaign, here we have Pinterest connected to an Amazon whislist and that's it, job done.

Simple and elegant, the real task is now to let people know about it.


27 Feb 2013

EA: Sim City Let's All Be Mayor

If you know you audience can easily spend 100's of hours playing your game, what better way than presenting your game then by letting watch hundred of hours of live gameplay?

This is a simple and cheap solution for people to preview the game with a bit of engagement from the audience (you can vote on a few things live).

The problem is that the hosts aren't funny and they could use Twitter more for live feedback, nevertheless it works as a campaign.

14 Feb 2013

Budweiser: Red Light

Granted if you not lucky enough to win one you will have to fork out $150 for one. The device isn't about the products but it fit perfectly for what the brand stand for, how you enjoy it and the association with the sport couldn't be even more perfect.

Branded products don't have to suck you know...

...even if they need to sort out the delay it seems.

12 Feb 2013

You'll never wear that again...

The idea is that you look at your old photos and decide the fashion faux pas so you can recycle your old clothes for charity. The problem? Facebook isn't that old so users might not have uploaded enough old pictures to be relevant.

The more interesting part is to go through your friends' photos instead to engage conversation and banter. That's the real beauty of the app. Simple and perfect...

11 Feb 2013

Amnesty International: Trial by timeline

Great concept, making a strong point in 1 minute and making good use of Facebook connect.

The campaign is just on the good site of being provocative and, in the end, you should feel blessed to live in the UK, remind me of http://www.globalrichlist.com/ for the matter.

I add a few issues with Chrome, but worked perfectly on Firefox.


6 Feb 2013

Andrex: Scrunch or Fold

It takes one click and no registration to participate but sadly this is just a ploy for you to get pass the homepage as your vote means shit (see what I did there?). The survey has already been done so the only thing left for you to do is visit the one page of not even funny facts about the nation toilet habits.

You can join the debate on Facebook? What does that mean? Arguing about the way we fold?

The problem here is that the campaign tries to start a debate when there isn't one and they do not follow through (Am on a roll here - and that's a joke inside a joke).

Now if we had origami made out of folded paper or work of art made out of scrunch one; I could see a small possibility for the campaign to be funny and relevant to the brand. Sadly we are left with a turd (Ok I will stop it now) of a campaign that will be talked about in the wrong way.

I think the agency responsible for it might have their account flush down the toilet (sorry I could not resist).


Vice as a good review too: http://goo.gl/08GLm
5 Feb 2013

Expedia: Find your story

Nothing amazing here, it's basically a generated paralax site with some streetview thrown in but the execution is slick, simple and nicely implemented in Facebook.


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